• Donald Trump Collector Coin

    This collectible coin is shows the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Back side shows the Presidential seal with Eagle & Shield. Our coins are struck and immediately encased in air-tight acrylic capsules.

  • Kansas Chiefs Head Painted Barrel Top

    Your favorite team’s logo turned into a work of art!  Each piece of artwork is a hand finished, one of a kind and made in the USA!

  • The Child Baby Yoda Plush

    From the Mandalorian, This Super Soft Plush and Washable Baby Yoda Plush is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!

  • Weighted Sensory Sock Blanket

    Children with high energy levels find these blankets soothing for bedtime or throughout the day. They can wrap them around their shoulders or whole body, or place them on their lap during school for the extra calming deep pressure input their bodies crave.

  • Mobile Multi Output Charging Power Bank

    Loaded with a 25,600 mAh battery you never need to worry about being stranded without power. With a multitude of output options, you can charge Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Smartphones, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Other Smart Devices.

  • Neon Retro DARE Fanny Pack

    We DARE you to get this fanny pack! Bask in the 90’s nostalgia that is Dare gear…the perfect addition to any throwback outfit you may be rocking. Plus it holds your things!

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